Charlotte & Phil - 21st September 2018


We would like to welcome you to our Wedding website. This is the place where you will find all the information for our special day and anything else you may need to know (eg: food choices and accomodation).

We are so excited to be spending this special time with friends and family. We hope you will be able to join us in celebrating a special day in the next chapter of our lives together, but we understand if you cannot attend, you will still be in our thoughts and pictures and a video will be available here so you can see our precious moments.

Our wedding will be taking place at the beautiful Salcombe Harbour Hotel with it's breathtaking views (we fell in love the moment we saw it and we hope you do too).

We look forward to seeing you on the BIG DAY!

Our Story


As you all probably know (seen as you are all friends and family)!
The story started back on 2009 when we were introduced on an unplanned night out. On being
introduced we both noted that the other had a weird laugh (Charlotte has a record 21 different
laughs and Phil a nervous but apologetic laugh that stops abruptly and amused Charlotte). Though
the evening was filled with laughter neither of us thought to ask many important details, such as
…age??? Phil had assumed Charlotte was 26 and Charlotte had assumed Phil was 24 ( given his love
of Disney – a shared interest and his childlike enthusiasm for anything of a nerdy nature), but soon
found out that Phil was in fact 26 and Charlotte only 18 (luckily), however it wasn’t a problem for
long, as Charlotte has always been 8 years ahead of Phil in maturity so it levelled out.
Things between us escalated rapidly and within a week we confirmed our romance on 22 nd
September 2009 (so we will wake up on their 9 th anniversary as Mr and Mrs) and made it ‘Facebook
official’ as was the done-thing . However, despite the fast beginnings from then on things slowed in
speed and we moved in together 2 and half years later. Continuing on with the tradition of taking
things slow we then didn’t make any further commitments to each other until a year later when we
welcomed Simba (our beloved cat) into our lives. It took a further year (2013 at this point) to plan
our first holiday abroad together . We spent 2 leisurely weeks on the Greek Island of Corfu and
vowed to not leave it so long for a holiday again!
It was then a quite a few years (2015) before we got an offer they just couldn’t refuse. An offer of
our first home, a dream come true, but one that we would have to work for but which we turned
into an adventure. Our mission was to renovate 2 flats into 1 house which we would in time call their
home. It was a lot of hard work (mainly for Phil, as he was the brains of the operation, Charlotte
just chose the décor but loved every minute of doing so), but building our first home meant we had
to work as a team more than ever before, something that brought us closer to each other as well as
our dream of being home owners.
After working so hard for so long we both decided that with the end in sight it was time to take a
well-earned break and enjoy another holiday abroad (4 years after their last one) . Again we chose a
Greek island but this time it was Zante we settled on.
This was the opportunity Phil went for when hoping for Charlotte's hand in marriage (but not before
asking her mum and dads permission first and giving them a preview of the ring as well as asking for
tips on the best way to smuggle a ring out to Greece without Charlotte knowing). So on the first
night in Zante Phil waited for the best time and setting to pop the question and asked the question
that would change their lives forever and not before time. She said YES!! And made him the happiest
man alive.
And so after 8 years our special day is drawing near and we can’t wait to spend it with friends and
family! Here’s to our next chapter….



Our Venue

Salcombe Harbour Hotel

Order Of The Day


Guest Arrive = 1pm
Ceremony = 2pm
Reception Drinks and Canapes = 2:30pm
Guests seated = 4:15pm
 Speeches - 4:30pm

Wedding Breakfast - 5pm 

Tea and coffee in lounge - 6:30pm

Evening Reception - 7.30pm 

Carriages - 12am

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Salcombe Harbour Hotel, Cliff Road, Salcombe, South Devon, TQ8 8JH

Where to Stay

Salcombe Harbour Hotel (Please contact Charlotte or Phil if booking here)

South Sands Hotel

B & B's
The Old Inn

The Royal Oak

There are more hotels and B and B's in the surrounding area as well as a number of holiday cottages available.