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Why do you not charge a planning fee?

Our suppliers benefit from having a professional wedding co-ordinator both on the day and throughout the planning process, so they are happy to pay us a commission. Therefore we don't have to pass the charge for our services onto you.


Do we have to book all of our suppliers through you?

No not at all, in your initial meeting with us we will establish your vision with you and what preferences you have, along with how much planning and what services you would like from us. We will then work out conservatively with you which suppliers you are likely to book through us and arrange a bespoke contract with a pledged amount to suit your needs and budget.


How can we know that you are recommending the best suppliers/venues for us and not the ones who will pay you the most?

All of our suppliers pay us the exact same percentage so you can be assured that we handpick the best option for you and if a supplier offers us more than our trade discount we pass that saving straight to you!. We only work with suppliers who have been recommended to us or who we have particularly chosen. We have a careful selection process taking into account their price, quality and reliability before we decide to work with each one. It is within our interest to use professional and competitively priced suppliers as the majority of our couples come to us through referrals.


Can we refer a supplier to you?

Of course! We always welcome recommendations from our couples. Just send an email to with the suppliers name and contact details and a short review. We will then make contact with them and see if a partnership would be mutually agreeable.


What if a supplier/venue won't work with you?

We very rarely have a case where a supplier or venue will not work with us. After all in every industry companies are used to giving a trade discount and as awful as it sounds we can give them more work than an individual couple. However if an odd case did turn up you are always free to book the suppliers you choose, or if you wish we can see if we can find an alternative of the same or better quality and price for you to consider. 


What if something doesn't go to plan?

Unfortunately as with everything in life we cannot absolutely guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong. However with careful planning, select suppliers and our ability to keep calm and think creatively when any unforeseen circumstances arise, we can ensure that effective solutions are found.


If you charge for your packages, how are you free?

The total cost of our packages is exactly the same as if you had the exact same services and products from each supplier directly. We don't add a planning fee.


We love your packages but want to change something?

All of our packages have been carefully compiled to ensure value for money; however elements can be changed and or removed the cost and would be amended accordingly. If several elements need changing it may be worth considering one of our bespoke planning options. Please note that if the cost of a wedding package changes, the level of co-ordination could also alter.



Oh No! We have already booked our suppliers but our friend has recommended we contact you, can we still work with you? Yes of course! As our way of working is a little different to other planners, we often have couples contact at the "Crisis Stage" This is when you have booked all of your major suppliers and either don't know what steps to take next, or your worklife balance is getting hectic and you need a helping hand or you just want to pass the "boring bits" over and enjoy your special day. In each case we sit with you and work out what else you may need whether it's just wedding day management or a little more planning and then send you a bespoke estimate for you to consider.

We have purchased your wedding day management, but would like to upgrade to a wedding package or bespoke planning, is this possible?

Yes all of our couples have the ability to upgrade to one of our packages or bespoke planning service with the Plan Your Own fee deducted. Just email your request to  

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