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Wedding Planners Devon
As our final wedding of the year flew this week, it is time to sit down and look at what a fab year it has been and how we can make it even better next year!
I have been wedding planning for 11 years now and have shared the joys and lows of hundreds of couples and can still honestly say I love my job. The excitement of meeting with a couple for the first time, the thrill of getting them the best suppliers at the best prices combined with ensuring their dreams become reality on their wedding day, really is what makes it the best job in the world!
Now don’t get me wrong being a wedding planner is stressful, you spend your days chasing availability and costings and checking contracts and filling in spreadsheets and negotiating timings and emailing emailing emailing, then there is client meetings, site visits, wedding fairs…. you get to this time in the year and quietly collapse!
And this year with the expansion in March offering our complimentary wedding planning to couples marrying in the UK, it has been particularly hectic, but I am now very fortunate to have a fabulous team behind me, all with their own unique attributes and skills so looking forward to an exciting year ahead, good times :)
So what have we got planned? Well we move into our new offices in Queen Street on the 1st of December 2014 complete with a room dedicated to wedding decor and our suppliers samples! Carys is joining us as a full time apprentice in July, Lyndsay is GETTING MARRIED!! EEEEKKKKK SO EXCITED so we will be following some of her journey! And the rest of the girls are gearing up for a busy year, with weddings confirmed everywhere from Santorini to Cuba and Boutique Hotels, Rustic Restaurants, Tithe Barns, Manor Houses and Marquees at home in Devon!
So now all thats left to do is a couple of interim meetings with our lovely clients, the annual review for the eagerly waiting tax man and then...... Christmas Shopping! I can’t wait :)!!!!!!!

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