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When searching for your wedding venue, a theatre would be last on the list, but we don't think it gets chosen enough! If you're a movie or musical loving couple, why not embrace it on your big day. Just because it's in a theatre doesn't mean you have to have heavy make-up, silly costumes and big feathers with drama. You can make it a classy or quirky event easily. It also makes a great theme for your save the date card, gives you a chance to have a bit of fun.

Have you ever imagined yourself getting married on a stage, with a big red curtain and an audience full of all your favourite people! It sounds slightly scary to me, but a fun experience I'd be willing to try. You can even have popcorn stations for your guests. We also found this quirky guest book, we think it's a great idea! You could even get inventive and have them made into actual reels of film and mix it with snaps from the wedding to make your very own vintage slideshow.

It also gives you plenty of awesome photo opportunities, whether they're funny or dramatic.

You can go down so many different routes, the classic masquerade theatre side with feathers and class all around, or the 20's swing with cocktails and flapper dresses. Or even the modern 'red carpet' wedding. So many different options to play around with, get your thinking caps on! I know my mind is buzzing with inspiration!

Have a look at our Pinterest board to get you started.

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