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Quirky wedding cakes

For the Brides and Grooms who are looking for something a bit different to your standard white wedding cake, here are some alternatives that will definitely make your mouth water!

As stunning as wedding cakes are, sometimes you just want to be a little quirky....

These can all be adapted to suit any style wedding at any time of the year and our favourite part is the tasting sessions!

Macaroons are a big trend this year, from everything to decoration, favours and wedding cake.

This chocolate bundle of deliciousness is just calling our name, chocolate brownie is a winning dessert for everyone! Plus it looks pretty at the same time ....

Who can say no to a doughnut? I know I definitely wouldn't be able to, especially when they look this tasty. Sometimes you don't need a fancy cake, you just need sticky, messy pudding.

For those who want a bit more of a cleaner alternative these cheesecakes look and taste the part. They're also not too heavy, so it's perfect for after the wedding breakfast.

Now we have one for all the cheese lovers out there! It's the perfect way to end a meal. Throw in some port and crackers, on the side for all your guests and I'm sure they couldn't get any happier.

This one is very different, not everyone will love it, but it depends on whether you're a sweet or savoury tooth. Have you ever considered having pie instead of a cake? These pork pies are getting more and more common, believe it or not. Pie for pudding, very British!

If you're looking for some more mouth watering inspiration, have a look at the rest of our alternatives on our Pinterest board.

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