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Pre-loved doesn't mean tatty, broken or worn out, it means exactly what it says. When it comes to your wedding, most people seek out a new dress, shoes, suits, jewelry and everything else. It all adds up to that grand total at the end, which is quite frankly a bit daunting sometimes. If you could have all of it, for a third of the price, would you?

The idea of using someone else's wedding items puts a lot of people off, but why should it? No one's died, or had some horrific accident, they've just had one of the best days of their life! We're not talking about getting some wedding dress from the 1980's, it could be some ones dress from last week or even a little vintage number from 1910! To help you get some inspiration, we've picked out our top 5 pre-loved wedding items. You'd be surprised what you can find!

The Wedding Dress

This designer dress is only £550 and is our favourite bargain, most people spend on average £1200! It's a stunning dress and was only worn for a few hours on the wedding day, nothing wrong whatsoever!

The Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes is a tricky one, because you can easily go and pick up a beautiful pair from high street shops. No one will be able to tell whether they're from new look or Louboutin! So if you're looking for designer brands, then you can get this pair for just £60.

The Wedding Decorations

Certain wedding decorations are easy to make yourself, but if you're after professional glitz and glamour then have a look at these beauties!

So just because it's hand-me-downs and has been used for maximum a day, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful, and it doesn't mean you can't use it. They're only being sold because they have the intention of only getting married once.

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