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Country Bumpkin

The west country is a beautiful place to live and beautiful place to marry in. We thought we would show our roots and give you decor ideas for a true country bumpkins wedding!

Being a farmers daughter myself, you'd be surprised what 'intruments' you can use as decoration! These old metal milk urns make the perfect vase for your flowers.


It's not just milk urns you can use, your Grandma probably has some old watering cans lying around somewhere. Hang these up with some flowers in.

Visit your local brewery to see if they have any spare barrels to use. There's always a brewery somewhere near you in the countryside!

For the summer weddings, hay bales are the perfect seats for your guests, make sure you cover them with blankets to avoid being uncomfortable!

You can't have a country wedding without a fire, it just can't be missed.

That's the proper farmers way to drink beer isn't it? Out of a wheel barrow! Fill it with ice to stop your beers going cold.

Keep your florals natural, and if you're lucky enough, you could even pick them from the field next door!

For some proper west country wedding ideas, have a look at our Pinterest board

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