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The 5 best ways to save money on your wedding venue!

1. Invite less guests!

Whilst this may seem like an obvious way to save money in most areas of the wedding, it is often the more subtle extra charges that are directly associated with capacity numbers that can end up pushing the wedding budget up when it comes to venue hire. For example if the venue has 100 chairs available, there may be a charge for extra chairs to be hired if you have more than 100 guests or if your venue is hired on a per room basis, a lower capacity room may be a better price. Top Tip - Always check if there is a cover charge for equipment and additional space on top of the venue hire fee.

2. Get married out of season!

Lets face it who doesn't love an early spring, autumnal or even winter wedding! It gives your guests something to look forward to in the less busy months and can save you tons of money!! Venues slash their prices by up to 70% for out of season weddings leaving you some extra money towards your honeymoon! Plus most traditional honeymoon destinations are at their best weather wise in the winter months! Win Win! PS Mid week weddings are also great for getting a discount! Top Tip - If you are not worried about which month you get married, communicate this with the venue and ask them which date they can offer you the best deal possible!

3. Pick a venue that has accommodation included in the price!

Now I know this is a marmite (you'll either love or hate the idea) subject, but if you are happy for your staying over guests to pay for their own rooms, then you can often make a saving off of the venue hire price! I am not suggesting that you should overcharge anyone, but the difference in overall cost between a venue with rooms and one without could be minimal and so the actual bottom line venue hire fee could work out better value in the one with rooms. Top Tip - When you are checking accommodation capacities, make sure you confirm the actual number of rooms available as there is no point in having a venue that has multiple beds per room so technically sleeping a large amount of guests when all of your friends are couples.

4. Choose a venue with an ugly interior!

We all know that when walking around a beautifully designed venue, it is impossible to not sigh and swoon, However these venues often come at a premium (To pay for the furniture, decor and interior designers who made them beautiful!) Do the math, is there a venue that has all the other things that you need but isn't quite so polished and therefore is cheaper to hire? And could it with a bit of creativity (perhaps some draping, backdrops and clever lighting) be personalised to your exact tastes for a fraction of the cost? Top Tip - If you find a venue you love but the chairs need covering, why don't you consider hiring different chairs instead?

5. Find a Venue that is not a Venue!

This may warrant a bit of extra leg work! (Unless you have hired us as your planners of course)

If you are having a blessing/non civil or your ceremony in a church or other civil venue, then why not consider hiring a large house/farm/holiday complex/picturesque pub/lake/woodland etc for your celebration? Make sure you always get permission from the owners to hold the event there but if they are happy you can often find huge savings to be made even if you have to hire tables chairs toilets etc and if you are worried about someone running the day why not hire an independent coordinator to look after you? We know a few good ones :) Top Tip - Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover the event and venue and don't forget to get a small event licence if you are selling alcohol or playing live music after 11pm!

Big thanks to the fabulous Georgia Gold for the lovely image of our table set up

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