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Wedding Marquee Hire

Kalleigh & Chris May 2015 - Maria Dragan Photography

If you want the best wedding ever, let us do the bits you don't want to!
We have been planning couples weddings for over 16 years and know how much time and effort planning a wedding takes, especially when you are emotionally involved. We are also aware of how the final details, which you have spent months and years carefully preparing, can sometimes be overlooked on the day.

Whilst you and your husband-to-be are busy with your friends and family on the morning of the wedding, do you really want to worry whether the venue has set your table decorations as you planned or whether your close friends have lit the desired amount of candles in the church to enable the service sheets to be read? And that's just the beginning of the day, what about later when the best man goes AWOL just as the speeches are about to start, or your young guests run mud through the entrance hall and the staff hand a dustpan and brush to a relative to clean it up! (Believe me this happens!)


Of course the most important thing is the two of you being married and these details certainly wouldn't ruin your wedding, but if you could have someone, whose sole responsibility was to ensure the finer details, especially if there was no fee, then why wouldn't you?    


Nothing is free in this life, so what's the catch?


Our suppliers also benefit from having a professional wedding coordinator both on the day and throughout the planning process. They are happy to pay us, which means you don't have to! And they guarantee not to charge our couples any more than if you went to them direct!


We also only work with suppliers who have been recommended to us or who we have particularly chosen. We have a careful selection process taking into account their price, quality and reliability before we decide to work with each one. It is within our interest to use professional and competitively priced suppliers as the majority of our couples come to us through referrals.


2010 - present

2010 - present

So in summary we think you should consider us......
Because ...
  • We do the bits you don't like or have time for!


  • We are all experienced in Wedding and Event Planning!


  • We have access to everything you could possibly need to plan your wedding.


  • We make the whole planning process enjoyable!


plus ...
  • We have an option to suit every Bride and Groom from “Plan Your Own” to Full Bespoke Wedding Planning!


  • Every couple receives our tried and tested fully interactive personal wedding handbook!


  • We are fully insured for both Professional Indemnity and Personal Liability giving you peace of mind.


  • You save valuable time and money, allowing you to relax and enjoy your engagement!


  • You get to do the fun bits like choosing venues and suppliers and we can take care of the rest ensuring your whole wedding planning experience is hassle free!


  • Your wedding day will reflect your love and your vision!

which means ...
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