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  • Honeymoon Gift List

Since 1924 couples have been enjoying the benefits of a personal gift list service. The concept has put an end to mismatched bedding sets, 9 toasters and 6 kettles. With many people co-habiting before the big event, couples often choose to have monetary donations, however this still often results in unwanted gifts as traditional guests will still like to feel as if they have bought a present!


We have a perfect solution, a bespoke honeymoon gift list service!


Here's how it works....... 


1. Create the gift list

Either use our create a gift list form or contact us by email or phone 01392 860098 to make a free appointment either face to face or by telephone for us to make one for you. We encourage you to have a list of at least 10 items – these can be as general or as specific as you wish as well as a ‘general fund’. We find couples without items generally receive less for two main reasons.


- Your traditional guests will not see this as any different to asking for cash and will buy you something you may not want!


- By nature guests will always gift you an amount ending in either a zero or 5, however if you have items on your gift list that are an irregular amount such as £34 for VIP Lounge pass for two, a guest who would have gifted £30 would likely stretch the extra £4 to give you this gift!

You would be surprised how each £4 soon adds up!   


2. Choose your Invitation Insert method 
WE PAY towards the insert in your invitations. If you are using a stationer we will pay up to 45p per insert, or if you are making your own Invitations we will either pay for your designed insert to be printed or will start your gift list fund off with a credit for the equivalent cost! We can also suggest wording and poems if you wish.


3. Watch your fund grow!


We will send you a link to your growing fund that you can review on line at any time!  Each time your friends, family and guests make a payment, their details and personal message will be uploaded onto your secure online spreadsheet – this will also help you with your all-important thank you cards!


4. Book your honeymoon


You can book your honeymoon with us at any stage and even after your wedding if you would prefer to wait and see how much you have been gifted.


All Honeymoons are booked by us through Zephyr Holidays a fully bonded family run independant travel agency based in Exeter who have access to all the big tour operators such as Virgin, Kuoni and Thomas Cook as well as hundreds of bespoke operators to ensure that you have a honeymoon that fits your requirements! We also guarantee that our price will not be more than what you would find direct with the tour operator even if it is their online price!


5. Redeem your funds!


All of the funds received on the gift list can be paid towards your general fund! There is no obligation to confirm any excursions or experiences on your list with us. If you have already booked your honeymoon you can use your funds towards paying your balance, if you have already paid your balance or if you have any excess after booking your honeymoon through Zephyr Holidays, you will receive 100% of your funds paid to your bank account or on to a specified credit or debit card! If you choose to wait to see how much you have before booking anything then your funds will be used towards the cost of your holiday with Zephyr Holidays. Please note that a minimum of 7 nights for two must be booked through Zephyr Holidays either before or after your wedding for you to be able to use the free gift list service. If you are unable to do this after the gift list has been set up then a £100 administration charge will be deducted from your funds.


So if you are looking for a gift service consider ours and avoid any dodgy ornaments that you’ll have to dust off and display every time Auntie Mary comes to visit!


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