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Sick of NEW YEAR, NEW YOU yet?

After all that Christmas Turkey, you made your weight loss resolutions and were determined to stick to them, but by the second week in...... your sick of them!

Don't worry we are all the same, I secretly ate two spoonfuls of nutella at about midnight last night whilst passing the fridge to get a drink of water, sshhhh!

So what is a girl to do, well if you have your wedding looming this summer you might be panicking that the "New You" is a long way off and your big day isn't!

Our advise is keep calm and set many targets! We don't mean unrealistic targets if you are marrying in June and weigh 15 stone the likelihood is that you are not going to weigh 8 stone by then and trying and failing is going to be worse than not trying at all, so why not try for something you can achieve. Start with an end of the month target, maybe half a stone or 3 pounds and or go completely unweight related and find a way of healthy eating that fits you and your lifestyle.

Now I know what you are thinking yeah right there is no such thing! And up until now I would have been inclined to agree. I have tried and failed at every diet under the sun, so this year my target is "Small Changes Big Results" I know what works for me short term and need to find a way to make it long term. I have decided not to do it on weight loss as I become fixated on every pound instead I am looking forward to buying smaller clothes and feeling good in the clothes I currently own. And if I fail I'll try to pick my self straight backup and start again not wait till the next week to continue.

I always lose weight on low carb diets but this never lasts as there is only so many burgers bacon and cheese you can eat, sooner or later the mash potato comes calling and I can't stomach any more fat!

So what am I doing? Well this month I have written down all of my favourite meals and then found a low/no carb alternative, for example I love roast pork with mash potatoes so I have swapped the mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower made exactly the same way as mashed potatoes with plenty of salt and pepper but with just a little butter and no milk (Cauliflower can be quite watery so no extra liquid required) and skipped the crackling (Quite hard if you are partial to it) I have also dropped the gravy granules in favour of stock cubes which I boil till they caramelise and thicken. Add to this plenty of green veg and healthy low carb comfort food YUM!

Now I am not saying this will work for everyone, my point is look at what you are currently doing and find a way to make small changes that you can live with. Every month implement a new small change, you will have gotten used to the change the month before and be ready for the next challenge! All the while feeling pleased that you are sticking to it!

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