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Follow Up To New Year New You!

Okay so I am 6 months in and I admit it its still hard!

On the 2nd of January I was weighing in at a very unhealthy 15 stone 2 lb and a dress size 20!!!! and by the end of April I had barely moved at 14 stone 10lb!

Now I am not saying that 2lb a month isn't great, it's one step closer. Everyone always says slowly but surely you'll get there and the more likely you'll keep it off, but I was getting frustrated and more than a little down hearted.

It was at this point of despair that I found myself googling everything from diet supplements to weight loss surgery and was even considering a £5000 tummy tuck when my ever faithful husband pointed out that I could spend that amount of money and still be unhappy with other areas of my body or I could invest in a personal trainer at a fraction of the overall cost and change my whole lifestyle.

Cue Luke Cole PT - Some of you may know him from the Bridal Bootcamps that we offer, anyway I had known him for quite a while having met him as a guest in 2014 for one of my clients weddings but still felt nervous about talking to him about my potential exercise plans, I mean at that point the most strenuous thing I did each day was lift my tea cup!

Eventually I plucked up the courage and facebooked him asking if we could meet for a chat with a view to 1 session per week, there was no way I could manage more, walking the stairs to our office on a daily basis was enough to kill me!

He was absolutely lovely and discussed the food I was eating at that moment suggesting small adjustments such as reducing the amount of alcohol I consume! He encouraged me to look at more exercise per week if I wanted to see quicker changes, so I signed up for two sessions a week to begin with to see how I got on, fully intending to reduce them after a couple of months once I had got used to some exercise.

Well how wrong I was, just to warn you exercise is addictive! Every punch, kick and scramble combined with the fact that two months on I am weighing in another 13lbs lighter and am able to put on a size 16 pair of jeans with no muffin top makes me just want to do it more!

The best thing about a personal trainer is that you are accountable to someone who will be honest with you when you tell him that you have just eaten a 4 pack of crunchies and encourage and advise you on how to make a better choice next time! He is there on the end of the phone or a facebook if you are having a bad day and there is no getting out of it, he messages me each morning that we are due to meet and if I am running late he is on the phone checking I am on my way!

Its exactly what I need and whilst I admit it might not work for some, when I add up the cost of all the fad diets and tried and failed Gym memberships I have had over the years, there really is no comparison, this is the only way to go!

My brothers wedding is in September and I am determind to get to a size 14 in time for that and with the continued support of Luke, I really believe I can do it - watch this space!

Oh and if you fancy trying out Luke why not check out our Bridal Bootcamp Page! Good Luck!

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