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The Alternative Wedding Day!

Are you looking to do something different with your big day? Wedding's can be quite similar, but you want yours to be the one to remember and for all the right reasons!

Here are 3 alternative wedding ideas to inspire you:

The Lunchtime Love

A low key wedding has many benefits for you and your partner. We're talking about inviting a maximum of 20 guests, starting with an intimate ceremony and then enjoying a lovely lunch before you jet off for the honeymoon of your dreams! What better way to feel relaxed and comfortable on your special day?

It gives you time to actually chat to your guests, who would most likely be direct family and/or close friends, saves the handshake & dash to the next person who you might not really know.

It's less on your plate to worry about, less to cater for and to entertain, saving you money that you can then spend on the honeymoon, something for the house or whatever you fancy!

You're more likely to remember every detail of the day because you won't be rushing around on your feet, making the memories that much more special.

The Wedding Weekend

Your wedding is meant to be a beautiful milestone in your life, so why make it only one day?

Alot of wedding venues will give you exclusive use for an entire weekend, typically Friday - Sunday, so you can have your guests that are attending the ceremony stay on the friday night, have a meal and chill out time. Then on the Saturday for the 'wedding day' alot of your guests are already there so you dont have to worry about your closest guests running late, being rushed or worrying about transport etc. your evening guests will arrive celebrate with you and party the night away. On the Sunday, after a leisurely brunch you could do an activity with everyone as a thank you and then have time to wind down before heading home. It's always nice to go for a walk and a picnic, maybe clay pidgeon shooting or something else that suits your taste. Make sure you take full advantage of your suroundings, especially as wedding venues are usually in stunning areas.

By spreading your wedding celebration over a weekend, it gives you time to relax and catch up with your nearest and dearest and take in the true beauty of the venue, plus there will be plenty of people there to give a helping hand if needed.

The Swiss Style Wedding

We love this alternative idea for a swiss style reception, instead of you providing the entertainment the guests entertain you! It's a tradition in Switzerland and we can't understand why more people don't do it over here.

The best man and maid-of-honor are the 'master's of ceremony" and each guest has to perform to the bride & groom in any way they want. It could be anything from playing an instrument, doing a comedy, reciting a poem or even getting the two of you to play a quiz game like Mr and Mrs. The beauty of the idea is that you can be as amateur or serious as you want to, you can request every guest brings a "talent" or just a select group and even be involved yourselves if you wish! The big question is what would you do? One last thing - make sure you greet everyone appropriately with "Break a Leg"!

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