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Fairytale Wedding

Each month we have decided to share a favourite wedding theme idea with you guys, so here is October.

October is all about enchanted forests, with all the leaves falling off, it's the perfect month for a fairytale wedding. There's a little bit of dark romance in there, with halloween coming at the end of the month and with winter creeping in slowly. As the nights are getting darker quicker, it's a perfect time to really light up your wedding!

The perfect venue would be a country manor house or castle, with lots of garden to light the way to the wedding. With magical lighting becoming a popular theme, it's a great chance to go all out and create your fairytale. Candles would also look great dotted around outside, giving a romantic feel in the autumn light.

You can bring the outdoors in to your venue, we love this canape of greenery overhanging the table. The chandeliers create a grand effect whilst adding a little sparkle to the decor.

With wedding dress trends out for next year, 3D florals are a popular choice, and we think they look great. It works perfectly with the fall wedding and the florals give a fairytale, magical feel.

​You can subtly add a bit of 'dark romance' into things such as your bouquet, or flower arrangements. It gives an edge to your wedding whilst making a bold statement at the same time. As the main colour theme would be browns, golds and greens, it adds a bit of colour to your day.

Have a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration

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