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Would you take this home?

Lets be honest, how many weddings have you been to where you've been given a favour and you think, would I ever use this?

Wedding favours seem like a small insignificant detail to the event, but in actual fact they can make a huge impact on how comfortable or welcoming your guest would feel. It shows your appreciation that they are a part of your day.

So here's a few ideas from us of how to give your guests that something special to remember.

Signature Drink

An instant winner is always going to be a little bottle of something to drink. With the 1920 & 30's glamour inspiration coming in to the spotlight, moonshine is a hit! Obviously it's illegal, but you can make your own homemade version to excite your guests. Depending on your theme, if it's a glitz & glamour wedding, then a mini champagne bottle would fit perfectly. For 1920's theme, an authentic bottle of whiskey. For a country theme, you could even brew your own cider!

Sweet Tooth

Weddings can be a long day, it's always nice to give your guests a little sugar to keep them going. We love the homemade doughtnuts, you can package them in so many different ways, in boxes with personal messages on, in little bags or even over a drink. You can also have macaroons or little biscuits/cookies with a message on. I can gurantee there will be none left!

Spread the Love

Jam has always been a popular wedding favour, but how about changing it up a bit and having honey, or marmalade instead. These spreads have a long shelf life and they go hand in hand with a country, rustic, outdoors or fall wedding.

Another unique favour is sauce! Homemade salsa is a favourite from everyone, especially when it's from your own garden. Depending on the food you're serving, you could even do BBQ sauce and tomato ketchup. There's so many options and you can make it personal to your menu.

Hangover Kit

This is the one thing that most guests would definitely appreciate! The hangover kit is a survival package for the dreaded morning after. What better way to say enjoy yourselves and party the night away!


This is a more unusual gift, but we love the idea of giving succulents to your guests. They will last a long time with little love, and it's something that your guests can take away and look after as a little reminder. They also add a little more greenery to your decor as well.. If you want a bit of colour, you could think about using flowers, whichever colour fits your theme.

For more inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest page for upcoming wedding favour trends!

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