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Send a Letter Day

On the long list of weird National Days, this week we had Send a Letter Day! So we spent the day being inspired by all things stationary!

There's so many different types of Stationary, from name cards to Table plans, so here is a select few that we can't stop looking at:

Wedding Invitations

These can sometimes be the most intricate item of the stationary, or the simplest, it's down to your own personal taste. I personally like the ones that catch your eye and don't leave it, if anything you want to hang it up or play with it! Laser cut invitations are rising in the popularity scale and we couldn't be happier. From rustic to elegance there's something for everyone.

Name Card

Name cards may be a small essential part of your day that doesn't seem that important decoration wise, but where's the harm in making it look pretty? They can either be simple, or completely alternative.

Table Plan

So many Bride & Grooms are thinking outside the box and having alternative table plans rather than the bog standard board with lists of tables & names. Sometimes it's nice to go for the bog standard with some added fancy writing!

Table Number

Simple yet effective if paired with the right accesory. It's all about the font!

Save the Date

These cards are perfect for announcing your wedding. They can be quirky or just plain simple.

Check out our Pinterest for some more inspiration!

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