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Every Girls Dream

Everyone dreams of a glamorous wedding when they're little, all the gold & sequins you can fit in one room! Why does it have to be a dream? It's easily achievable without denting your budget too much or hurting your eyes!

You can go down 2 routes for a glamour wedding, either glam to the max with draping, gold & sequins galore, or you can do the stripped back glam accessories look - whichever one suits your personilty the most.

Stripped Back

This look gives you the oppurtunity to use as many accessories as you can find without it looking too 'in your face'. Trips to the charity shop are always a great idea, you can pick up some absolute gems there from vintage candle holders to vases and headpieces.

The less you have in the background, the more you need to fill out the front. Chandeliers are a great classy attention grabber and give off a romantic lighting. Pair it with some floral pieces wrapped around and it will gurantee to catdch your eye. Gold Chivari chairs match a bare wooden table with a glitzy gold table runner - rustic glam look! To calm the look down a bit you can add some cream or ivory chair covers for a more neutral tone.

Beads can be added almost anywhere, either the back of your chair, off the centrepiece, chandeliers, any lighting, even trees! You can paint them gold and glittery if you're feeling creative.

One accessory you can glam up as much as you like is your cake, as long as it's edible!

Depending how much of an adventurous bride you are, you can always have a gold wedding dress! There's no one to say you have to stick tradition, have things your way on your day.

Classic Glamour

This style is less subtle and all about the big blocks of gold & glitter. We're talking gold sequin table cloth, big draping on the walls, and lots & lots of lights!!

Depending on how crazy you want to go with the glitz & glamour, this time you'll need to tone it down with simple accessories. Cream napkins, neutral coloured centrepieces, cream draping. Otherwise, everything will be in your face and no one appreciates that! The one thing you can never over do is the lighting. No matter how much or litle there is it always create that ambient romantic atmosphere that makes it that little bit more special. You could experiment with the lights and have draping with under lights, or lights under table clothes! Chandeliers always being our personal favourite - a whole new level of class!

For more inspiration have a look at our Glamour wedding Pinterest board.

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