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Don't put yourself at risk of heartache!

I wasn't sure whether to write this blog as it could come across as presumptuous, but when I had a bride in tears this morning I have decided to press a head in the hope of saving someone else heartache.

I often find couples asking me how far in advance they can book a wedding abroad and are surprised when I reply 2 years a head as their local "Commercial Travel Agent" has advised 11 months before. The reality is that 11 months before, the most popular venues are likely to be booked for all the best dates.

CASE STUDY Couple I spoke to last year came back to me last week ready to "start looking at booking their Wedding for May 2017" Here is the evening availability email I received from their preferred venue this morning for the Summer 2017

May, June, July, August and September no availability

Now there is a possibility of cancellations etc but its really not worth the risk.

But the flights are not out yet how is this possible? This is possible because independent planners like ourselves have very good relationships with the ground and can book your date well in advance.

We can also pre-book all of the accommodation and advance seats on the plane giving you a guaranteed group price and a low deposit of £50 per person, so you can plan how many actual guests you will have and not be let down nearer the time when the 50 guests who said "of course we will be there", (requiring you to pay a higher capacity fee) then pull out at 11 months when asked to cough up a deposit.

The couple above never dreamed this would happen to them :( with our help they have found another perfect property but we still wouldn't want anyone to go through any sort of heartache when planning a wedding. Be well prepared and plan your perfect wedding abroad! Preferably with us :) x

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