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Paint Your Perfect Day

Not everyone wants bold, bright colours at their wedding, sometimes subtly catches the eye more. I cannot think of anything more beautiful or that does the job more perfectly than watercolours. It's the perfect way to blend everything together and somehow give off a calm, happy vibe purely through colour and pattern. To make it even better, it's a big upcoming trend!

So here are some ideas of where you could apply the watercolour theme to different aspects of your day.

Lets start with a bang and go straight to the most important part in any woman's eyes - the dress!

This is what you'll be in all day, what you need to feel beautiful in, so have a look at these wonderful creations. I'd be happy to wear these dresses every day of the year.

If you don't feel quite brave enough, or you simply want a traditional dress, then why not put your bridesmaids in watercolour instead of you. It still creates the same look as you would give off.

The object that your guests probably go 'wow' at is going to be the cake. Adding watercolour to it will just make that 'wow' a little bigger and little louder. This cake is completely captivating, to the point where you almost wouldn't want to eat it .... but of course, who could say no to cake?!

You can start to get a little creative with these theme and incorporate it into your stationary and even your drinks! It just takes a little thinking power and most likely, some playing around! It definitely makes the planning process more fun.

Finally, the last major thing on the list is decor. There are so many options with this one, we've found this beautiful lace runner and hanging paper lanterns. You can accessorize with plain or pastel colours to tone it down a bit if you feel like it's too much, or go in the opposite direction and add in some bright coloured flowers! It gives you the flexibility to go whichever way you want.

So have a play with this theme and see what you can create. Become an artist! If you need some more inspiration, have a look at our pinterest board.

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