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Ailsa Munro

When you're a little girl and you're planning your future wedding with your prince in your

little pink diary, the dress is always the part you spend the longest drawing. You've had the

vision from when you were 5, and now your day has finally come! Wouldn't it be amazing to

be wearing that dream dress? Well, it's definitely possible with Ailsa's help. We've found the

lady who can make your dreams come true!

Ailsa Munro designs bespoke wedding dresses for you. Her career started off from a degree

in fashion in Edinburgh, from there she worked with the well established bespoke

As to when and why she started her business, it all began when she was maid of honor for her

sister's wedding, after too many disappointments and faulty wedding dresses, she decided to set up shop 6 months ago, to save anyone else the same hassle they went through trying to find

the perfect dress. Her business is now blooming and we are falling in love with her designs.

As a welcome to new brides-to- be, Ailsa is offering our clients an exclusive 10% discount!

So if you're currently on your search for that perfect dress, have a look at a few of her pieces!


1. Get inspired

Unlike walking into a shop and picking something out, with bespoke you have a real

opportunity to be involved in the design of your dress. Get inspired by wedding magazines

and Pinterest, start collecting images and see if there's a common theme - maybe they all

have sleek skirts or use a lot of lace.

Remember that inspiration can come from anywhere and you have the chance to be very

personal - maybe you could include details from your mum's dress or from what you wore on your first date? Think about your favourite thing to wear and why you love it.

2. Consider what you want to be able to do in the dress

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life - you do not want to be

uncomfortable. If being able to run up the church steps, dance, or cycle away on a tandem is

important to you, make sure you're picking a dress you can move in.

This also applies to choosing your undergarments and shoes. It might be a good idea to skip

the tightly laced corset and killer heels and opt for Spanx and shoes you can comfortably

walk down the aisle in- remember that it's a wedding day and you're likely to spend more than 12 hours in your outfit.

3. Chose your designer carefully

It is important to find a designer who you like personally and whose style suits your vision

for your wedding day. You will have quite a few appointments with this person, and spend a

fair amount of time together in the run up to your special day. Look at their previous work

online, and definitely meet them before committing. Once you've found someone you want

to work with, trust them. It can be a challenging process waiting to see your dress finished,

be patient and trust that you chose this person for a reason.

4. Leave plenty of time

Ask your designer what the turnaround for their dresses typically is. From most bridal

boutiques the order time is about 6 months. With dressmakers it can be shorter, but too

close to the wedding they may charge a rush fee. It's also not unusual to be charged a little

extra if you lose or gain a lot of weight in the run up to the wedding; since the dress is being

made specifically to fit you it can cause a lot of extra work. Remember to go to fittings in the

underwear and heels you plan on wearing on the day, as they can also have an effect on

your posture and body shape.

5. Take one kind, trustworthy friend

In your first meeting with a designer you should be getting a sense of what they do, what

you want, and maybe trying on a few samples. It is likely that you will walk away with a

pretty clear idea of what dress you will end up with. The temptation is therefore to bring

along all your bridesmaids, sisters and mum. This will mean that rather than focussing on

what you want for your day and from your dress, you are worried about their opinions and

them getting bored. There are plenty of fittings which your bridesmaids can come to, and

the final fit (where you pick up your dress) is the most fun one for them to attend. Leave

them at home and bring only your kindest, most trustworthy friend.

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