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Be a Little Different

Wedding traditions are still very much around, especially the top table. Traditionally it seats the Bride, Groom, Parents, Best Man and Maid of Honor. However, there's so many factors these days that make that tradition a little difficult .... If the parents are re-married, that's instantly more space needed on the table, the venue may be a little tight for space. So we say bin that tradition! There's many alternatives to a top table you can do, here's our top 5 ideas.

1. Make every table a top table!

Instead of having one long top table then the rest as round tables, have all your tables as long tables. This means that no one will feel left out if they didn't 'make the top table'. It makes it more friendly, you don't have to spend as long working out the seating plan. There's so many pros to this method! (photograph by Krishanthi)

2. Dinner for Two

Give yourself a bit of privacy whilst your eating your wedding breakfast. It gives you two a chance to relax a bit and have some space from all your guests. You've got the whole day with them!

3. Ditch the rents

If your parents are all re-married, sometimes there's just not enough room on the top table for them! So why not just take them off altogether and stick to your best man and maid of honor.

4. What top table?

Scrap the top table all together and just have every table as round tables. You can always make it flexible and add extra chairs around each table, that way you can mingle and enjoy your food with all your guests. It's a great way to get a chance to spend a decent amount of time with all your guest without being overwhelmed.

5. One big family

Why not join everyone together and have one table! You can merge them all together so it's still an easy seating plan (depending on numbers, of course). We love this design, it means everyone has someone to chat to and no one gets left out at all.

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