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Quintessentially English

We have finally got our blue skies, sunshine and days at the beach. It's bearable to go without a jumper outside and the sandals have been dug out from the bottom of our wardrobes, as well as our sun cream! We couldn't think of a more perfect time for an truly English tea party wedding.

'Tea party' doesn't mean lots of granny's (although they normally have great stories!), crochet and knitting. With Alice in wonderland bringing a modern twist, there's plenty of quirky contemporary ideas out there. You can either go all out or just add the subtle things.

The Dress

A classic tea party dress is perfect for this theme. It's fun, flirty and sophisticated all in one.

The Cake

You can be really playful with the cake, or keep it simple and bare with some flowers popped on. We love this adventurous cake, even though it makes us slightly nervous! Clearly made by a professional.... I think if I attempted this at home it would end up in a messy pile.

The Decor

There are so many options on what you can do for decor, you could spend hours and hours on Pinterest (I certainly did). Some of them can be a little over the top but so right at the same time. Here are my favourites I discovered:

This is absolutely Alice in Wonderland inspired, you can be your very own Alice walking down the aisle. Big pretty flowers surrounding you? Sounds like a fairy tale.

This quirky idea is great, you can even add little lights in the lamps to light the trees up in the dark.

The Groom

Subtle touches to his outfit will complete the look. This hanging pocket watch looks amazing.

The Favour

Is it too obvious? Give your guests a brew as a favour. They'd probably appreciate the cuppa the morning after too!

I think it's time I start practising making scones again. Have a look at our Pinterest board for some more inspiration.

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