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Paper Decor

When you think of paper decorations, for me, it instantly takes me back to when I was younger, sat at home making scary paper mache faces and snowflakes.....but in the wedding world, it has a whole new meaning! All the creative brides are making more and more paper decor for their DIY wedding. It saves money, the environment and you can have exactly what you want. That's if you can make it!

If you're sat here thinking, how can paper decor actually look good? Well I wasn't that convinced until I discovered the paper world on Pinterest. Now I'm totally in love and can't wait to try my own.

Tassles! Every girl likes tassles, this one is so easy to make, yet looks so awesome as decoration! You could even make them longer (just buy really long paper??) and have these as a backdrop too.

This one is for the creative genius', there's no way I could get those flowers and butterflies looking so neat, not until I've had about 10 tries. Leave this one for a lazy Sunday I think.

Having a bouquet made of paper is definitely a way of making it last longer!

Even though these backdrops may take a while to make, I think it's worth it, look how stunning they look in pictures! Maybe it's time to invest in an origami book....

Have a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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