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Winter wedding food ideas

As the days get colder, we're all after hot toasty food and drink instead of cool and refreshing. You can't beat the taste of apple or a warm hot chocolate! So here's a few ideas of what to feed your guests for a wedding in the colder months.

Apple pie pops are like warm ice lollies! Sounds amazing I know! You could mix it up and have berry flavoured ones too, to keep everyone happy.

For drinks, spiced apple cider takes a place in our hearts, and even better to serve it in an actual apple. Can you get anymore west country?

A DIY caramel apple bar, to keep the guests entertained and sweet.

A shot of tomato soup for favours, just enough to keep them warm.

Of course, you can't go without hot chocolate! We love the idea of chocolate blocks to melt yourself. Gives them the option of which chocolate they want to use!

This is a little bit unusual, but I can't help feelings it's just perfect. Everyone has a spot for spaghetti bolognese in their hearts! A nice homely dish for everyone.

For some more tasty inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest board

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