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Wrap up warm

As the days are getting more chilly, and the evenings are drawing in quicker, I've been sat in front of the fire looking up these gorgeous fur coats & jackets. Just because we don't live in a magical land of snow in the winter (the most we'll get is probably some sleet), doesn't stop us from wearing these! So if you've got a winter wedding, and you want to keep warm in the most stylish way, have a look at these....

The white fur goes perfectly with the sequin dresses, I couldn't picture a better combination.

I'm not sure i'd be brave enough to have my arms bare in the chilly weather, but if you are then why not opt for a scarf rather than throw.

Why not make yourself feel like a true princess with a fur cloak!

For some more winter wonderland inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest board!

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