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DIY Christmas Decor

I don't know about you, but I am definitely counting down the days till Christmas. Who DOESN'T have a countdown on their phone, right? The great thing about Christmas is that it's the perfect time of year to make your own Christmas decorations, the beauty of this is that you can use them all for your Winter wonderland wedding, decor for your house and even Christmas presents! Everything is homely, makes you feel comfortable and just puts a smile on your face, full of love!

So here is my top 5 favourite Christmas decorations that are also super easy to make, so even the least creative people can have a bash. So grab your scissors and glue and get stuck in!

Glitter Baubles

These colourful baubles are so easy to make, you almost want to laugh. All you need is empty glass (or plastic) baubles, which you can purchase online from Amazon, Ebay and Hobbycraft (virtually everywhere sells them online for hardly anything!) and your choice of filling. The great thing is, you can fill it with whatever you want! You could use fake snow, dried flowers, coloured rice ... anything you can think of. My personal favourite is glitter confetti, if you get a multicoloured one, against the lights it really sparkles!

Modern Wreaths

Instead of full circle wreaths, opt for a half wreath for a more minimalist look. It keeps it simple, doesn't look too overwhelming and means you can put it almost anywhere you want. All you need is string, your choice of wreath dressing and some thin wire. Start wrapping! I personally find it easier to cheat and attach the greenery with small wire, that you can't see. You also need to use the wire to get the shape you're after.

Snow Pine cones

This is a simple, magical touch to your average pine cones. For a winter effect, simple dip the ends of your pine cones in glue then either fake snow or some glitter! These look great dotted on wedding tables, as favours or you can even transform them into a homemade bauble by simply attaching string to them.

Metallic Leaves

This one is very easy to make, it's time to get your wellies on and go collect some leaves from outside, if you can find whole ones still! Find ones with lots of detailing on as this really shows up afterwards. For the metallic look, you just need to get some spray paint, in your choice of colour, and voila! You have gold or silver leaves to hang up, dot around or even put on Christmas cards.

For some more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.

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