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Wedding planning is unique, it can’t be compared directly to general event planning mainly because of the high emotions involved, the continuous out of hours contact that you wouldn’t experience in the corporate world and the ownership of the budget (Most clients are spending around the same amount as they would on a deposit for a house on one day)

As a company we get daily applications, for jobs, work experience and advice on how to become a wedding planner. But the truth is that the courses that most people take online, do not give you the reality of wedding planning and unless the applicant has first hand experience of planning a wedding for someone they don’t know, we probably won’t consider them for a job interview. And work experience….. well it’s impossible to give it to up to 365 applicants a year.

So from January 2017 we have decided to offer a 12 week, part time, practical wedding course, in the first instance this will weedle out those applicants who like the romantic idea of wedding planning leaving only serious applicants to consider. Secondly this will allow the attendees the opportunity to truly see what it is like to be a wedding planner before deciding if this career choice is something they would like to pursue.

Week by week we will talk you through each stage of planning a wedding for a stranger, always sharing with you the good the bad and the ugly truth! Equipping you with all the tools you need to be a successful wedding planner, including practical resources, industry tips and experienced anecdotes of the highs and lows of wedding planning.

All attendees are also invited to gain practical experience as an event assistant at one of our real weddings in 2017 as well as join us on our stand and experience behind the scenes access at the West Point Wedding Show in March 2017.

For full course information click here! So you want to be a wedding planner, 12 week course!

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