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Homemade Wedding Favours

As you probably know, DIY weddings are all the rage at the moment! So why not join the trend and attempt to make your very own wedding favours. It's a great opportunity to get all your girls together and make a great fun day out of it. Of course, it's obligatory to have champagne whilst you're doing it too!

Most homemade wedding favours are either food or drink, which is great! I've included some other items too, to get your brain ticking. You can make it seasonal depending on what time of the year your wedding is, or you can just do whatever is easiest for you to make, or the most fun.

So all you need to do is gather the 'ingredients', chose a date with your friends and buy the drinks and nibbles. If you're tight on time and, understandably, are very busy at the moment, you can always intertwine it with your hen night. You can spend the day making the favours then go off partying in the evening.

Let's start with the drinks, you can never go wrong with these. Someone might be a bit fussy and not like the type of alcohol or flavouring you've used, but in general it's a win win for most people. You can also get creative with this one and make it personal by changing the flavours etc. Even colour if you wanted! Gin is a favourite for most, I personally can't stand it, but I love sloe Gin, so consider that when you're making. Make sure you take in to account the amount of time you have to leave it to 'brew'.

Give your drink favours a quirky twist by making a his and hers cocktails. Give the ladies the 'her cocktail' and the men the 'his cocktail'. It's a perfect way to please everyone. My suggestions would be a Strawberry Mojito and a Manhattan for the blokes.

Limoncello is a unique one, people either love it or hate it. I love it .... with ice cream!

Gold glittery lollipops! Here's a recipe for peppermint lollipops, all you need to do is add the glitter.

These are soap cupcakes, such a cute idea. Although please don't try to eat them ....

Here's a tutorial, with icing!

Salted caramel is one of my favourite treats, and you don't get it often enough.

Follow the recipe here

This one's unique and for the animal lovers. Heart shaped bird food. Pair it with a quirky illustration.

This is for the festive ones! Christmas weddings are a great time for favours. These personal baubles are perfect. It gives your guests a memory to put on their christmas tree.

Here's a tutorial for glitter baubles, you just need to add the names of your guests.

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here.

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