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Always a wedding planner, never a bride

I've spent over ten years helping hundreds of happy couples down the aisle. Meticulously organising, offering advice, hand holding, even being agony aunt and diplomat and through all of that organising of other people's lives I seem to have accidentally neglected to sort out my own. At 34 I appear to be the only single girl left in my friendship group, which was fine until couples nights became a thing and now I seem to find myself at a loose end more frequently than I'd like.

I have decided that this year is the year I'm actually going to make an effort and allow myself time off so I can succeed in finding myself a partner. For some reason my love life seems to provide much entertainment and interest to all my coupled up friends (I even have a whatsapp group called Gemma’s dates) and my mum thinks I'm a lost cause, I thought I would be fun to take you along for the ride. Now instead of me giving the advice for once I am going to take advice from everyone else and try out lots of different ways to meet people. I'd also like to hear from you so if you share with how you met your partners I may try the same things myself.

I'll keep you all updated! Gemma xx

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