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‘Ah Summer sunshine…. Or not’

When we think of a summer wedding, most of us dream of beautiful sunshine, clear blue skies, laughter in the beaming rays… Unfortunately for us we aren’t in the South of France “Wait…what???” and in the UK we cannot always guarantee that 20 plus degree heat or a scorching fully dry day to sun ourselves in. “I know, shocking right?”

If the rain hits on your special day, whether it is a little drizzle or a heavy storm DO NOT PANIC!! In our industry we always prepare a ‘Wet Weather Plan’ and highly recommend that you do too this will ensure that the rain can never ‘dampen’ your Wedding dreams - excuse the pun.

Want to create your own Wet Weather Plan?

Below are a few tips to help put the shine back into your day:

Go all Rhianna and get “UNDER MY UMBRELLA ELLA ELLA”

B & E September 2016 - Wedding at home - Image thanks to

  • Channel your inner RiRi and make your umbrellas a feature. Hang them in the outside areas of your venue. And if the rain does come down encourage your guests to make use of your funky décor - double the use...winning!

  • Be prepared and order umbrellas and/or wellies to match your theme or go all art deco with black and white. Come rain or shine they are always a cute photo accessory.


R & N September 2015 - Thurlestone - Image thanks to

“Do The Hokey Cokey – in,out,in out and whilst you're there shake your Brolly out!”….check your venue has the facility to make your beautiful outdoor wedding as striking if you were to move it inside. Whether a last minute marquee or sheltering in a large a rustic barn, always be sure they can accommodate the day- no matter what the big guy in the sky throws at you. Your vision should be stunning on a lawn or in a greenhouse. Swit swoo!


H & P September 2016 - Anran - Image thanks to

“Drip drip drop - snap” You would have photos unlike anyone else. Splashing around in the puddles in your wellies, umbrella shots, snaps in the rain. Think of ‘The Notebook’ or ‘Four Weddings’... Dreamy scenes. The rain can make for exciting spontaneous photographs for a day you will never forget. Ooohhh aaahhhh!


Embrace what nature gives you on the day.

At the end of the day you are marrying the love of your life, so enjoy this amazing day with your friends and family. Let’s think about it, your day is not going to be ruined if things go wrong… your wedding day is about you and your partner, along with the adventures the day and the rest of your lives will bring. LOVE!

K & A April 2016 - Corn Barn - Image thanks to

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