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Top Tips For Your Perfect Marquee Wedding


There are many beautiful places in Devon from sea views to spectacular countryside making it the perfect spot to host a marquee wedding. Most weekends throughout the summer we are helping coordinate and plan in various fields throughout the South West and we get asked the same questions, so here are our top tips to planning your perfect day.

1. Consider location access - if you are having a wedding at home or in a remote field with narrow lanes, can you get in the vehicles you need to erect your marquee and provide services? Having a plan early on can avoid a lot of disappointment, expense and stress nearer the time.

2. Remember you will probably need to hire toilets, refrigeration units, lighting, and generator, get these booked in when you book your marquee hire.

3. Have a wet weather plan and leave a contingency in the budget for additional marquees or gazebo hire, umbrella hire and alternative parking options. Blankets for guests and alternative footwear are nice touches and guests will appreciate them.

4. Water - does your site have it? If not you will need to buy plenty of bottled water for drinking and for cooking as well as ice for drinks.

5. Site clear up - arrange someone to remove all your bottles and rubbish from site the following day and advise caterers they must remove all their food waste as part of the contract (most event caterers will do this automatically but it's always worth checking)

6. Staff - Marquees are great for making your wedding your own as they are literally a blank canvas allowing you do do whatever you want, but if you want a relaxing day that you or your loved ones aren't having to run your self make sure you have a coordinator and enough staff to make the day run smoothly.

7. DIY bar or Paid Bar? If you are are doing the bar yourself hire a structure, do a booze cruise and staff it, if you let people help themselves it will get messy! If you aren't providing a free bar get a professional paid bar who will generally do all the leg work, provide the temporary events notice staff and structure for you for free.

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