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Decoding the cosmos - Is your love Written in the Stars?

From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, tales of star- crossed lovers offer us romantics some inspiration and hope that we’ll find that perfect match! ROX - Diamonds & Thrills have looked to the stars and mapped out the most compatible love matches, according to the cosmos. Maybe you’ve already found your 1 in 7 billion, and are planning to pop the question? The guide offers some insight into the type of engagement ring that will perfectly complement your partner’s personality. While there’s no exact formula to finding ‘the one’; sometimes, opposites attract - and the most seemingly incompatible pairings can balance each other perfectly. Take Beyonce (Virgo) and Jay-Z (Sagittarius) for instance - at first glance, their personality traits would appear contradictory. However, the counterbalance within this pairing proves to be a winning combination. Ready to start planning your big ‘I DO’ moment? Find out more about how we can help plan your day to perfection.

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