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Before the Wedding Comes the Proposal

According to a survey carried out by ROX almost a third of past-proposers found planning the whole thing more stressful than the fear of being rejected or gaining approval from their future in-laws.

But fear not - ROX has collated a step-by-step guide to popping the question. The handy checklist covers everything you need to take into consideration, such as picking a location that’s special to you and your fiance-to-be. Would they enjoy being the centre of attention in a busy restaurant, or would an intimate proposal be more their thing?

No matter how well you know your partner, choosing the ring itself can be overwhelming. The most important factor to consider is your partner’s individual taste. Pay attention to the jewellery they wear and how they accessorise to express their personality. Do they opt for bold, eye- catching styles or stick to a more understated ensemble? If you’re too unsure to take the plunge, a safer option is using a token ring for the grand gesture, then shopping for the forever ring together.

Whatever you decide, remember it's about you and your relationship and you can guarantee whatever gesture you have thought of, if it comes from the heart they will love it as much as they love you.

Once the perfect proposal is checked off your list, get in touch with us to start your wedding planning journey.

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