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6 long haul honeymoon destinations where your money will go further

Looking to book the perfect honeymoon without breaking the bank? Phillip Garlick from travel money experts H&T offers his advice for couples who don't want to hold back when they go away together.

Political and economic uncertainty over the last couple of years, particularly Brexit, has meant that the value of the pound has been volatile. It also means that many couples are feeling nervous about honeymooning in Europe, fearing travel disruptions and getting less for their money when buying foreign currency.

Don't let it put a damper on your wedding, though! Many couples are instead choosing long haul destinations for their first holiday as newlyweds. The flights can cost more upfront but, to make up for it, you can get more for your money when you exchange for currencies other than the euro. So, below are just a few of the best options for honeymooning couples that are looking to spend less and make more unforgettable memories together.

Argentina On the very southern tip of South America, Argentina stretches from a tropical paradise to an arctic tundra, so it's an extremely diverse country to honeymoon in. Plus, if you like something a little more cosmopolitan, Buenos Aires is one of the most popular tourism hot spots in the world — and for every Argentinian peso you will only spend 0.19 pence.

The Caribbean

Sun, rum, and all-inclusive deals — what more could you want? Whether you prefer jungles, cities, or sandy beaches, each Caribbean island has its own personality and they all offer great value for money compared with the Great British pound, so you're sure to find a resort to suit your needs. One of the best for honeymooners is Antigua, ringed with coral reefs, where the East Caribbean dollar is worth 29p.

Japan If you're a pair of foodies, you'll know that you can get some of the best food in the world as well as save a lot of money buying from street vendors in China, as the yen is only worth 0.116441 of £1. But, in Japan, it's worth even less. £1 will get you 135.032 Japanese yen, plus cute its cafés and fine dining spots are a lot cheaper too. You'll also save on the cost of everyday things like a can of Coke or beer, so your money will go even further.

Mexico Mexico has been one of the most popular options for honeymooning couples for a long time. Colourful and vibrant with lots of all-inclusive resorts, Mexico has beaches, deserts, rainforests and mountains as well as bustling cities full of culture. Plus, there's a cheap local cost of items like food and drink, and one British pound will get you 23.8476 Mexican pesos.

Turkey It's not technically long haul because it's so close to home, but the island of Turkey straddles Europe and Asia and isn't in the EU, so Brexit isn't as big a deal there as it is in the Eurozone. Turkey has had some well-publicised financial trouble in recent years, but tourism has only boomed since and it's one of the most popular honeymooning destinations for UK couples. With blue seas, white beaches and ancient ruins to explore together, it's a steal at £1/7.13 Turkish lira.

Zambia The South African country of Zambia is regarded as one of the friendliest places to visit in the world and among the safest to visit in Africa. It's landlocked, which means there's no ocean and sandy beaches, but it does have safari parks, the famous Victoria Falls, and cheerful hospitality. Adventurous couples will get 434.42 Zambian kwachas for each pound. These are just some of the best destinations for honeymooning couples to consider if they're looking to get more for their money when exchanging their cash. So, why not travel outside of Europe, where the pound is worth more and there's plenty to explore?

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