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Am I getting a good price?

Picking the right suppliers for your wedding is the key to your vision and getting everything you want out of your day. It can also be confusing, stressful and time consuming. I see a lot of posts in wedding groups across social media asking is this price a good deal and am I paying too much?? Usually followed by hundreds of helpful reply's of yes, no this is what i'm paying etc etc. In reality whilst sticking to your budget is important it is impossible to have this question answered on social media as there is a huge difference between a Ferrari and a Ford KA and no one would expect to pay the same price for these.

What really matters when booking a supplier and the questions that you really should be asking is do I like their work? Is this in my budget? Do they offer good quality? Are they reliable? Is this giving me everything I want? Do I like their style?

It is very hard to compare suppliers and of course there will always be someone doing it cheaper, however cheaper is not always better and in the wedding industry price depends on a lot of factors. You really do get what you pay for and usually if it seems to good to be true then it is.

The more experience someone has and whether they are doing it as a hobby or professionally will affect what they charge, a photographer or videographer for £150 is not going to be producing the same standard and quality of work as one that is charging £2000 and is likely to be building their portfolio. This is great but you need to be asking the questions and making sure you are aware of what you are getting and spending money in the areas that are important to you.

When it comes to florists as with a photographer experience counts, but the price of a Carnation or Gypsophila is vastly cheaper than a David Austin rose so bouquet cost really depends on the types of flowers being used and also the size of the bouquet. The more flowers you have the more expensive it's going to be. To put it in pictures terms these two bouquets would be vastly different prices and are not comparable:

For decor and linen hire prices, we personally work out the cost of laundering, set up, ironing and how much we paid for the item when setting our hire prices so they are fair and reasonable but also means we will be here for the foreseeable future. For those on a budget we also offer a DIY hire price for all our items. A company that is constantly offering discounts or is vastly cheaper than everyone else can not maintain it and there have been quite a few that have gone out of business recently. If you'd like to see the quality of our work then check out

If you are looking to have a MUA and hairdresser to come and glam up your bridal party there are lots of things to consider that will affect the price, how long it is going to take, how far they have to travel, how many people they are doing and most importantly the quality of products they are using.

To avoid all the stress of picking suppliers you can just pick a wedding planner and they will sort the rest out for you. A good wedding planner will have great recommendations to hand to suit your budget. They will have also worked with the suppliers before and know they are good value for money. It's not about quantity of suppliers but quality of who they recommend. Best of all a wedding planner will have helpful ideas and tips where you can save money, keep you on budget and will tell you what you can do for your budget. They will also save you a huge amount of time, and let you do the fun stuff while they think of the practicalities. When you are picking a wedding planner you should always ask or check how long they have been doing it, how many weddings they have planned and coordinated and most importantly that they do personally know all their suppliers. A wedding planner that gets their suppliers from google and facebook is doing the same as what you can do, we would never recommend a supplier we have not worked with or has not been recommended to us by one of our other trusted suppliers or couples. Why not come in for a no obligation chat and discuss your day we would love a chance to have coffee and cake!

Follow us for more advice and blogs on Social media @wearewestcountryweddingpanner @boldandbeautifulweddings Our next blog will be ideas for planning a budget wedding.

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