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4 expert tips for gifting jewellery to your bridal party

Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your partner, but the people you share it with, like your bridesmaids, also help to make it special. So, if you’re looking for a way to thank them for their support on your big day, June Neocleous, from jewellery retailer Gift and Wrap, shares her expert tips for gifting jewellery to your bridal party.

Your big day will be full of the people you hold nearest and dearest, and your bridal party are not only there to see you down the aisle, but they’ve probably been a big part of your wedding preparations, too. So, to say thank you, you might be thinking of getting a small token to show them how much they mean to you.

Jewellery can make the perfect present that they can cherish for years to come but deciding on something that everyone will love is no easy feat. To help, I’ll be giving you my expert advice for picking out the perfect pieces of jewellery to gift to your bridal party.

Match their bridesmaids’ dresses

You’ll probably be giving out your gifts on the morning of your wedding day, so finding something that matches the colour and style of your bridesmaids’ dresses means they can wear them right away. For example, warm, earthy coloured dresses, like red, orange, yellow and forest green, can go great with gold jewellery, whereas silver accessories look better with cooler hues, like blue, purple and pastel colours. You could also pick pieces with coloured gemstones that match their dresses for a more personal touch.

You might want to match your jewellery choices to any embellishments in their dresses, too. If they’ve got pearls or crystals sewn into their outfits, consider jewellery that incorporates these elements. As well as tying their whole look together, i'll all serve as a nice reminder of their beautiful gowns long after your wedding day.

Think about their lifestyle You’ll also need to think about their lifestyle so that you can pick pieces that your bridal party can wear every day. If they’re particularly active, small, simple pieces that won't get in the way or become damaged easily are a good choice. If they work in a very professional environment, bold, statement items like chunky necklaces and fancy earrings should be avoided. If you’re in doubt about the practicalities of your choice, stick to minimalistic pieces like small pendant necklaces, bangles, stud earrings or plain rings.

Consider their preferred style It’s also important to consider the personal style of each member of your bridal party so you can pick pieces that they’re going to love. If they all have similar taste, you could give them all the same item. However, if you’ve got a mixture of personalities and styles in your bridal party, you might want to consider what kind of jewellery each of them would like. To do this, think about what they usually wear. Do they wear a lot of rings? Are they a fan of bracelets? Do they prefer bold jewellery or something a bit more understated? If you can pinpoint what accessories they like to wear every day, you’ll have no trouble finding a bridesmaid gift in the same category that they’ll love.

Make it personal Of course, your wedding is a special day and your friendships are unique, so why not add a more personal touch to your jewellery choices? You could gift them a personalised locket pendant filled with a photo of your bridal party, or you could give them a special wedding charm that they can each add to their charm bracelets. Whatever you pick, they’ll love looking back and remembering the special day they shared with you and your partner. Your bridesmaids are your best friends — they might even be your family — and they’ve helped make your wedding preparations and special day as magical as they could be. By following my tips in this guide, you can gift them the perfect piece of jewellery to say thank you for all their hard work and support.

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