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Wedding Season Has Arrived: Productivity Hacks for the Groom

Wedding season is here and now everyone’s frantically trying to plan a wedding, make a guest list, pick a date, pick a venue, pick a menu, and so much more. Below are some productivity hacks to help you better focus and plan your wedding in no time. With these tips you’ll be the most effective and efficient groom the world has ever seen! Breakdown Everything into a List If you and your bride are planning this wedding without a wedding planner, this list will be your go-to. Start out with a rough draft of all of the things you and your bride needs to accomplish. This list could take a while so starting it as soon as possible is important. Every time you or your bride think of something that you need to get done or even want to get done write it down.

Even if it’s an idea for something write it down. This will show to be extremely helpful when you go to start making final decisions on the small things. Eventually trying to come up with creative ideas to make your wedding unique and special will get harder and harder and so anytime you have an idea for something it'll be useful to write it down. The Everygirl has a list of multiple tasks needed for a wedding. This is something you can use as your base list to go off of or even to use to see if you missed any key components. Group Like Tasks Together After you have a detailed rough draft list you should then group everything into similar tasks. Anything for the wedding should be in one group and everything for the rehearsal should be in another. From there you can break things up into even more detailed groups. This will help to make sure you know everything you need done. If you start a list of things that need decided for the tables at the dinner rehearsal it will be 10 times easier to notice things that are missing. If you just started one big list of everything it would be extremely intimidating and harder to accomplish everything and ensure you have what you need.

Photo Credit Start Planning Ahead Now that your list is started and everything is grouped you can start to plan things out. You can decide what needs to be done as soon as possible, what can wait a little, and what needs to be done last (less time concerning tasks). Start to plan ahead. Make appointments to go see venues, churches, make appointments to select your cake and what flavor you want. These types of decisions are going to take more time because you want to ensure you pick the perfect location, venue, food, cake, etc. for your wedding.

Depending on the date you guys selected and how soon or far away that is will be what varies and determines what needs done when. Typically picking a venue, location, color scheme, and your bride getting her dress are the decisions that need decided as soon as possible because those are essentially the foundation for your other decisions. You can not pick the decor for your tables for the rehearsal if you don’t even know where your rehearsal is going to be. You need to make these bigger decisions sooner so that you can build on them and go into your more detailed grouped lists. B Wedding Invitations created a list of 43 tasks that they believe are important and also organized them by what needs done how far in advance. This is a great tool to use or to go off of when creating yours. Finish a Task All the Way Once you and your bride have started to make final decisions and are marking away at your list, try to ensure you’re completing the tasks in the entire group that you’ve created on your list. What we mean by this is don’t leave incomplete finished decisions laying around. To be as productive as possible, starting a group and finishing it before you start another will be helpful and keep your list clean and organized. Doing one task from here and another from three other different groups will create a mess not only on your list but with your thought process as well. You don’t want to have to revisit something if you’ve already made decisions about 75% of it. This again goes back to ensuring you’re being as productive as possible for your wedding. Keep a Planner Now that you’ve got your list, it’s divided into groups, and you started to plan ahead it’s essential that you keep a planner. Your list and your planner should go hand in hand with each other. The list is used to keep your thoughts and tasks in order to ensure you’re completing them in a strategic way. Your planner is to ensure you’re meeting all of your deadlines. You don’t want to miss an appointment or it could potentially set you back, which you don’t want. The planner will help you keep track of when things need to be done by. It’s helpful if you set a goal. Whether that be to complete a group of tasks a week or however you can plan out till your big day. The planner will ensure you stay on track and on schedule between your personal life, work schedule, and your wedding planning. Divide and Conquer

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An easy way to go about this long list you and your bride have created is to divide and conquer. Divide up the work among the two of you that doesn’t require you both to be involved in the decision making. Many people often say “the groom doesn’t help with the planning it’s only the bride” and that shouldn’t be the case. Clearly, there are tasks that require you both to be apart of the final decision but there are certain tasks that you and your bride can accomplish and finish separately. When it comes to certain tasks they need to be done separately. You shouldn’t help your bride find her dress, most people consider that bad luck or just simply want it to be a surprise. Getting your tuxedo and your groomsmen's tuxedos is something you can be in control of separately. Online ordering at a website like this one has made it easier than ever. Getting your groomsmen gifts is also something that needs to be decided upon and thought out. You want a gift that’s meaningful, something they can hold onto. Here an example of a website where you can buy them. Dividing up the tasks between you and your bride will be beneficial for everyone involved and will ensure you’re being as productive as possible at the same time. Creating a list, grouping them, keeping a planner, and dividing up the workload are all ways to ensure you’re being as productive as possible when it comes to planning your wedding. Using these tips will ensure you’re getting stuff done but also in a strategic manner which will ease the stress and ensure

you don’t miss a single detail for your big day.

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