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Real Wedding - Intimate & Perfect

We initially spoke to Robyn & Mark back in January they had just got engaged and where planning a 100 person wedding in Crediton in August of this year.. then the world changed in a way that non of us could predict.

When lockdown mark1 ended we where finally able to meet on site and discuss plans with the hope of having a 70-80 person celebration. However with restrictions continuing into the summer it was becoming difficult to predict so plans where halted, they were determined through it all that it would happen this year and they would have everything they had dreamed of....we were determined to make it happen.

With less than a month to go they decided to go all out with the 30 person guest list and called on us to pull together and coordinate an amazing team to dress the venue and transform it into a magical day for an #upyourscovid19 wedding. The groom hung an epic amount of fairy lights and our crack team of suppliers worked for two days inserting flooring and draping.

We had lots of space to play with and brought in wooden tables and cross back chairs to create that rustic but elegant look for seating in family groups and the day was held mainly outside. It was relaxed and emotional and aside from some guidelines we had to adapt to it was a beautiful day and surprisingly 'normal'. Finishing the night with a sparkler send off. We are so happy they asked us to be part of it and we certainly won't be forgetting this one any time soon.

Thank you to the lovely for capturing the day and for amazing food, décor from and gorgeous flowers from

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