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Why the time has come for green weddings

It’s important to remember, during the stress of planning a wedding during a

pandemic, that it will still be one of the happiest days of your life. You'll look over the

pictures of happy memories for years to come, and all the stress and worry that led

up to it will be forgotten.

But, when you look at these pictures, imagine how much better it will feel to know

that you helped the planet on your big day. The time has come for green weddings.

Here are some reasons why you should think about lowering your carbon footprint

on your big day.

The wedding industry can be wasteful

With all the confetti throwing, unused food, excessive gifts, and single-use plastics in

decoration and dining, weddings have the potential to be quite wasteful.

Unrecyclable plastic is one of the biggest offenders, as one wedding alone can easily

produce 20kg of this. Swapping to sustainable materials and using eco-friendly

catering companies can make a huge difference. If you’re unsure about how

sustainable a catering company is, it’s always worth asking them – if they’re truly

sustainable they’ll be happy to shout about their credentials, and show you the

relevant certificates.

The wedding industry is also carbon-intensive

Each wedding also uses around 63 tonnes of CO2. Electricity, heating costs and fuel

consumption to get to the venue all contribute to this. To change this, you could opt

for eco-conscious venues, or encourage ride-sharing to get to the venue and move

between ceremony and reception.

The stats are quite eye-opening – they show that one wedding, on average, uses the

same amount of emissions that 4-5 people use in a year. It' tempting to think that

it's just one day, and that it won’t make a big difference, but thousands of people get

married every day and it all adds up! If we are trying to have a more eco-conscious

lifestyle, weddings are a great start.

There are some fantastic sustainable wedding businesses

There are some great green wedding businesses out there who have eco-

friendliness at the core of their ethos. Most of these businesses are small, bespoke

companies who really care about each and every customer they work with.

Committing to a green wedding gives you the chance to work with some of these

fantastic businesses. Plus, these companies will be the ones that survive the green

movement and beyond – you might have the opportunity to work with some future

leading brands in their infancy!

As we can see, weddings can have a big impact on the environment and it’s a good

idea to start introducing some green initiatives to lessen the carbon footprint of our

big day. This can seem like a daunting process, and it may be unrealistic to make

our weddings completely carbon neutral. But there are still some small and

achievable steps we can take. Luckily for us, there are plenty of guides available

online to help us plan every detail of our greener wedding day.

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