• Wedding Traditions - Why you do what you do!
  • Something Old:Represents the link with the bride's family and the past.


  • Something New:Represents good fortune and success in the bride's new life.


  • Something Borrowed:Reminds the bride that friends and family will be there for her when help is needed.


  • A silver sixpence in her shoe is to wish the bride wealth and happiness.


  • Throwing the bridal bouquet was introduced by the Americans, It’s said whoever catches the bouquet will be next to wed.


  • Wedding gifts are now bought for the couple instead of fruits, which were given to encourage fertility.


  • Carrying the Bride over the threshold is said to protect her from the evil spirits that could be waiting in her new home.


  • In England it was traditional to bake the ring into the cake, the guest that found the ring was promised a year’s uninterrupted happiness.


  • The tradition of the father giving away his daughter has its roots in the days of arranged marriages. Daughters in those times were considered their fathers property. It was the fathers right to give his child to a groom, usually for a price. Today it symbolises a blessing of the marriage.


  • The word Bride comes from the old English Word for cook and the word Groom was the word for a male child, we’ll leave you to decide how accurate either term is.


  • The Groom kneeling to propose stems from the age of Chivalry when a knight would kneel in front of his fair maiden to show servitude and respect.


  • The ring pillow was originally only used in Royal weddings and represented how precious they are both in value and symbolically.


  • Bridesmaids and Groomsman are often chosen in even numbers, this dates from Roman times when the law required both families to supply five witnesses each.


  • The Groom’s Boutonniere again dates back to those knights in shining armour who would wear a band of their ladies colours on their arm


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