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5 Expert Tips for Glowing Skin on Your Big Day

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Of course, no one wants to walk down the aisle looking dull and tired. But while you can easily look like a flawless bride with make-up, a true glow only comes from taking care of your skin. Here, we’ll take a look at 5 tips that can help you achieve a healthy, supple glow on your big day.

Do a mask Face masks are a quick fix for any skin problems that you may have before you tie the knot. This is possible because masks are specially designed to efficiently address your specific skin problems ⁠— whether you have dry, dehydrated skin or large clogged pores. While masks seem like a one-time thing, consistently applying them can keep your skin healthy in the long run. If you want to look like a glowing goddess on your wedding day, check the ingredients list and purchase masks that contain brightening ingredients such as niacinamide or Vitamin C.

Exfoliating will give you that good shine A lot of people are afraid of using exfoliators as horror stories of irritated skin and inflammation plague the internet. However, with careful use, exfoliating can liven up your skin and slow down the signs of ageing. A Women’s Health article on exfoliating emphasizes that you should ditch physical exfoliators and use chemical exfoliators instead for your face. This is because chemical exfoliators like glycolic acid and lactic acid tend to be on the gentler side ⁠— giving your complexion that much-needed glow without being too rough on your skin.

Change up your diet While you can apply a ton of skincare products for that natural shine, nothing beats beauty that comes from within. Your diet is a huge factor on how your skin behaves, so increasing your water intake and eating healthy can make your skin bouncier and dewier. However, nothing beats the benefits of superfoods like chia seeds when it comes to skin health. Pretty Me’s guide to all things chia seeds points out that this humble ingredient not only provides you much-needed antioxidants, but it also packs more omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant species. This is important as antioxidants control inflammation, make skin firm, and reduce wrinkles, while omega-3 fatty acids keep your skin moist, fight pimples, and protect your skin from the sun.

Do not forget your sunscreen Our post ‘Ah Summer Sunshine… Or Not’ notes that there’s no assurance of a sunny wedding day in the UK despite it being summer. However, this doesn’t mean that you should skip the sunscreen. Even if clouds can filter the sunlight and heat, damaging UV rays will still be able to reach you and damage your skin. So if you want to look your best, glowing self on your big day, make sure you slather on sunscreen liberally.

Break a sweat Sweating is a great way to make your skin look the best that it can. Well and Good’s April Long points out that sweating can help release toxins through your skin and remove any excess impurities. Whether it’s through rigorous exercise or through saunas, sweating will give you a natural flush and a brighter glow. All of this is essential in keeping your skin glowing and full of health before your big day. While this can seem like a lot of steps and products, your skin will love you for taking care of it.

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