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Four things to remember when planning your wedding entertainment

Once you’ve treated your guests to a delicious wedding breakfast, it’s time to inject a little energy into the evening with your fun-filled wedding entertainment. The act that you choose can really make or break the reception experience for both you and your guests, so it’s important to get it right. To make sure all your bases are covered, let's take a look at four things to remember when planning the entertainment for your wedding day.

Your schedule

Hiring your wedding entertainment is rarely as simple as just signing on the dotted line and waiting for them to show up. There will be plenty more details that you’ll need to plan and prepare for, so you’ll want to take your own personal schedule for the big day into account, as well as the schedule of anyone else who will be taking responsibility for the smooth running of the day, such as your wedding coordinator.

You’ll likely need someone to be available to meet your wedding entertainment when they first arrive at your venue, to show them to their preparation space and assist them with anything that they may need. You’ll want to consider the timings of the other events happening throughout the day, to ensure that your wedding entertainment has enough time to unpack and get ready before they take to the stage.

Venue requirements

The venue that you choose to hire for your wedding day is likely to have certain requirements and expectations that you need to be aware of. While a purpose-built wedding reception venue is unlikely to come with too many limitations, it is always worth asking to avoid any surprises.

Some venues may need a live band to finish up by a certain time, if there are noise curfews in the area. Others may not have the tech or facilities that your entertainment needs to deliver their performance. You’ll want to make sure that you ask all these questions when you first book your venue, about 12-18 months before the big day. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to seek out the perfect form of entertainment for your wedding venue.

Attending guests

You probably don’t want to treat your elderly grandparents to a metal-style cover of your favourite love songs. While you’re going to want to stay true to your personal tastes and wishes for your wedding day, it’s important to also make sure that your entertainment will also go down well with your guests. After all, you want to see all of your nearest and dearest interacting with your entertainment, or going wild on the dance floor if you choose to hire a live band.

Crowd-pleaser entertainment options include sparklers, circus performers and fireworks, while younger guests are likely to appreciate a fun interactive photo booth. If in doubt, you can always opt to hire two different forms of evening entertainment – a magician making his rounds would work wonderfully alongside a classical harpist or pianist.

Your interests

While your guests will be looking forward to your wedding entertainment, you should never feel too pressured to try and please them – after all, it’s your special day. When it comes to planning your wedding entertainment, once all practicalities have been considered, you’ll most importantly want to consider your own unique tastes and interests as a couple. This way, you can ensure a wonderful wedding reception experience to remember.

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