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Get creative with your wedding video!

Doing a venue search this morning and came across this fantastic wedding video!

I then went on a search to find a talented company who could offer our clients the same experience and came across this fantastic option available to all West Country Wedding Planner Clients.

Marryoke Videos £745 Devon, Dorset & Somerset

They will shoot a Music Video on the day of your Wedding. Simply choose a song and they will get all of the guests to sing a lyric. They will then edit it all together to the actual song to make a music video. Don’t worry the music will be there and you can mime if you want. It’s a great activity and believe me everyone gets involved, especially after a drink. It’s a fun part of your day to accompany your Wedding Video that you will look back on years to come with great memories. Check out their video below and see for yourself.

Along with the Music Video they also put together a 3-5 minute Outtake Video, which

is guaranteed to be hilarious, all included in the price. Added to this it will be made available on Youtube for you to share with your friends and family.

Check out one of their wedding marryoke videos here and if you want to book get in touch 01392 222421

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