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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's only the 1st of December but I'm already getting way too excited about Christmas! What's not to love about mulled wine, mince pies and food feasts with friends & family. Why not throw the ultimate winter wedding for Christmas? It doesn't have to be obvious or cheesy, so here is our advice on how to have a fabulous Christmas Wedding!


The key to the decorations is subtle hints of christmas, to give off the christmas spirit but not be in your face. I'm sure no one wants a giant santa at their reception!

There are so many options when it comes to Christmas centrepieces, you can use traditional holly, maybe put it in a glass around a candle, or even have it as table decoration. We love the idea of 'frosted' centrepieces to give off a chilly feel. If you want to add a bit of colour, winter flowers are generally Carnations, Evergreen, Holly Berries, Narcissus and Pansies etc. Using Red ranunculus can really brighten up the decoration.

If you're looking to add a bit more of Christmas, Reindeer are a great animal to use as table decor, or even table numbers! To give a rustic vibe, you can use ones made of wood, or add a touch of glam but coating them in gold glitter.


For Christmas wedding favours, you could make quirky christmas tree decorations for every guest! This is something they'll use every year for their tree whilst reminding them of your wedding day. You could also use frosted pinecones, or even baileys and marshmallows! If you want to be more traditional, a candy cane would go down a treat, or even a little bunch of mistletoe for some romance.


It's not all about the flowers, how about adding pinecones as your bouquet? Holly Berries can be added for a bit of colour, and evergreen for some greenery.

Dress, Hair & Make Up

December is a chilly time of the year, with potential for snow, this gives you an excuse to buy more clothes! Make sure your bridesmaids are warm as well as you, wrap them up in fur or shawls.

Having your hair down for your wedding day would give you more chance to add colour by wearing a wedding crown. It also keeps your neck warm!

Keep your make up simple, with warm natural nude glows.


This is my favourite part of any wedding! A traditional Christmas meal is, of course, a roast dinner. What is there as an alternative? You could do Steak & Ale pie, a warm classic dinner, or a the classic chicken with red wine reduction and mini roasties. You could do 'posh roast' and have lamb or even goose! Whatever dish you decide, make sure it's a warm one!

The big question everyone asks is, is it too cheesy to put tinsel up? Emma's Husband Doug obviously votes a resounding big fat yes! However we aren't too sure.........what do you think? Answers on a Christmas Card to the West Country Wedding Planner Office Please!

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