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Happy New Year!

New year, new me. That's how it goes every year on the 1st of January isn't it? Well if you like yourself and wouldn't change anything about your life, who you want to spend it with. New years eve, could be the perfect time to propose!

If you think about it, you can make a grand proposal with relatively little finances (More to spend on the ring), you already get free fireworks and your friends will most likely be there with you too! It's timed perfection, something that won't be forgotten.

So if you are thinking of proposing on New Years Eve, then here's some tips from us on how to make it run smoothly:

  • Make it the ultimate surprise, catch her off guard, ask her on the countdown to midnight, if she says yes, you'll have an audience of cheers!

  • Keep it simple, there will be so much going on around and near you, that you don't want to hide the ring then discover it's not there, could be embarassing and an expensive mistake!

  • The place you propose will have more of an impact if it's a place with emotional connect, e.g. where you want on your first date or where you went away together for the first time.

  • Don't be drunk when you propose, especially if she's drunk, alcohol can have an effect on the decision!

  • Make sure you capture the moment on camera! You'll want to keep it forever.

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