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Can You Keep a Secret? NEW VENUE LAUNCH!

When we first were invited to view the estate our sat nav's took us gallivanting across fields, dirt tracks and through farmers gates!! However upon arrival we soon discovered that a short jaunt down the A30 would have served us much better, at least getting us within swift proximity of this hidden Gem!

The house is completely shabby, the owners quintessentially eclectic with the whole effect being quite inspiring! The lady of the house will not except any any host who is not free flowing with their beverages and other than that you may do as you wish, party hard all night, have any food, entertainment and activities that take your fancy, the only stipulation being that everyone has a jolly good time!

They restrict the amount of weddings they allow in their home though, agreeing to only 12 per year and only if you can afford the venue fee of £12000 for the estate including bedrooms for the weekend! But if you are among the fortunate few, then the estate is yours to be creative with!

Want to explore further? Get in touch to arrange a viewing

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