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A Hidden Gesture

For most couples, a lot of your Wedding Day will be shared with family and friends. The ceremony, speeches, the first dance and of course the cutting of the cake. As a cake designer, I love to encourage couples to incorporate personal, finishing touches to their cake which carry a meaning or memory, hidden secrets…. It could be elegant initials tucked into clusters of sugar flowers, Jade coloured buttons decorating the back of the cake, illustrating the love for a couple’s little boy of the same name, to flowers which represent a loved one who has passed on. Completely oblivious to the excited crowd, eager to catch the traditional cutting of the cake photo, but clearly seen and understood by the couple. A hidden gesture adding to their once in a lifetime day. Being entrusted to create the couples cake, I love to know that the cake is personalised, and holds special memories….


The Silver Cake


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