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The Missing Piece

3 Ways to honour lost loved ones on your special day

When someone close to our hearts has passed, celebrations such as Christmas and birthdays don’t quite feel the same and your wedding day is no different. We’ve put together 3 beautiful ways to honour your loved ones on your big day so that it feels like they’re there to celebrate every moment with you.

1. A vacant seat

Seeing the warm smiles on your friend’s and family’s faces as you’re walking down the aisle is truly special. But, the room can feel almost empty when someone dear to you isn’t there to celebrate it with you. Leaving an empty seat for this special someone creates a sense of comfort, almost as if they’re there in spirit. You can even leave a framed photo of them and/or a lit candle on the seat to make it more personal.

2. A special song

We all have that one song that reminds of us someone, whether it describes them word for word or it was their personal favourite. Either way, a song can have such sentimental value which makes it the perfect way to pay tribute to a loved one. This song can be played as you walk down the aisle, your first dance, during a moment of silence or as part of your playlist during the reception. It can bring tears of happiness or a smile to everyone’s face.

3. A lantern

There’s something warm and wonderful about a lit lantern in the night sky. Gathering your wedding party together in the evening to set off a lantern in memory of a loved one is a graceful and beautiful gesture. Attaching a photo or a letter can add a lot more sentimental value. You can even get your photographer to capture this moment so that you can have a copy of it forever.

Quick tip! Don’t forget to consider environmental issues with this - biodegradable sky lanterns are the most eco friendly option for this idea as they prevent harm to nature and wildlife.

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